Listener jumps for joy

Amalia* grew up in a devout Muslim home in Indonesia – home to about 260 million Muslims. The first time Amalia heard the gospel on a FEBC broadcast, she knew it didn’t align with the Muslim beliefs of her family. However, that didn’t stop Amalia’s curiosity from growing. From that point on, Amalia continued to

A true love

*Amira, too, was crying when she phoned the team. She was responding to a question posed by the station that day: ‘What would you like to say to your parents?’ The 22-year-old student wept, saying: ‘I want to rebel against them’, before hanging up. When the program finished, *Alia, another team member, called Amira back.

On air and off

Speaking about her work, Farah is visibly moved. The 23-year-old is a presenter, writer, producer, and editor for the station. Her programs address the position of girls and young women in the country, a subject close to her heart. ‘As a young woman, I really care about other young women here,’ she says. ‘I want

A welcome friend

*Lina was 13 when she was made to marry. She soon became pregnant. However, she lost her child and, while in the hospital, was told by doctors she had a weak heart. Her husband divorced her. Still in her teens, Lina, from Iraq, now lives back with her parents, humiliated and lonely. FEBA’s FM Iraq

Other touching stories

Join us in thanking God for the changed lives from some of our many listeners to our Russian broadcasts to the Ukraine. “I am a widow and I live alone. Several months ago I discovered FEBC on my radio’s dial and began listening whenever your program was on. Little by little, I began understanding truths

Behind the Mic: K. Ying (FEBC Thailand)

You’ll find her as much outside the studio as she’s inside, meeting and speaking to people at listeners’ rallies and being actively involved in her community. K. Ying is a program broadcaster for several programs and a full-time staff member of FEBC Thailand. Her four programs “Calling Women”, “Hope and Encouragement”, “Daily Light” and “The

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