“Every year, during rainy season, malaria kills people in our area, especially children, but since I started praying for mine, none of them has gotten the disease for several years now.

“Unfortunately, one of my daughters had died prior to this positive change in my own life, thankfully she was saved. Once I had a long conversation with her in my dream and she asked me to continue my Christian life, adding that she was safe and in heaven. This, together with all the teachings I get from KanuYah FM Sollo, have made my faith so strong that I do not fear, for a moment, that I might fall back into sin one day. The radio station KanuYah FM Sollo has played a vital role in my conversion. My husband often listens to the radio, and I decided that I must also become a Christian after listening to programs. My parents strongly opposed my decision, but thanks to the radio station’s evangelical programs, my determination to follow Jesus became unshakable.” – Niakoro

Situated close to the embankment of the Bafing River in the Kayes region, in a small Malian village called Sollo (meaning “valley”) is the Christian radio station, KanuYah FM. Unlike other regions of Mali, the more than one thousand inhabitants of Sollo, never embraced Islam and no Jihadist warlord was able to conquer them. Most of them grew up without religion and practiced other forms of traditional worship.

The Bambara is the largest ethnic group in the country mostly inhabiting regions of Southern Mali in the middle valley of the Niger River. They are among the most powerful and influential groups in Mali and speak Bamana.

In a population of 6,206,000 91% are Muslim, however many still follow traditional belief systems like ancestral worship. Only 4% of the ethnic group claim to be Christians and a mere 1.1% are evangelical.

Riddled with war, sickness, death and poverty the situation in Mali continues to worsen. It appears there is no light at the end of a very dark long tunnel for this nation that has been plagued by conflict fueled by power hungry jihadists and interethnic rivalries for decades. The daily fear of losing a child to deadly malaria or requirement into the Jihad hovers over mothers.  Corruption is being practiced on a scale never before seen in history and people have lost trust in each other. The hope of the gospel has changed this brutally harsh reality for many in Mali like Niakoro.

From this little, small station in the village of Sollo, the largest ethnic group in Mali the Bambara people, are being reached with the gospel and you can join us in becoming a source of hope to many more.

You can reach more of the Bambara people, by placing a radio in their hands or sponsoring discipleship programing to help them grow in their faith.

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