FEBA RADIO (FEBA) and our partner FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company) is an international Christian missionary organization which broadcasts the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the least-reached nations on earth. earth.

Our mission is to broadcast the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people around the world isolated by economic, educational, geographic, political and religious barriers. Many of these “forgotten people” of society are located in countries with tremendous political and cultural opposition to the gospel and therefore limited access to Christian resources.

Our Mission:

We communicate the Good News among the nations by media to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ.

What we DO

From its inception, FEBA/FEBC has endeavored to use national directors and ethnic broadcasters to produce culturally relevant programming.  Staff that speak the “heart” language and know the culture of a people are far more effective at sharing the message of Christ.

FEBC currently produces more than 700 hours of broadcasts aired from 128 shortwave transmitters and 146 additional FM stations in 130+ languages around the world daily.

While each field is encouraged to become financially independent, until that occurs resources are supplemented by FEBA/FEBC support raising fields.

Our Great Affection:

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:19-20 (NIV)

What We Do

FEBC’s Medium

For 70+ years, radio has proven to be an excellent way to reach people in almost any location or circumstance. FEBC utilizes high power AM, FM or shortwave transmitters to deliver community development, evangelistic, and discipleship programming to some of the most remote and needy areas of the world, as well as dense population centers.

When new technologies emerge that show promise at reaching specific people groups or large numbers of people, FEBC adopts use of them, such as internet and satellite broadcasting, podcasting, MP3 players and, most recently, cell phones/memory cards/speaker boxes to reach listeners living in restricted countries.

About half of our ministry is devoted to educational programs, which include topics like; finance, health, family life and relationships. We also have an extensive follow-up ministry in each field of work.

We broadcast in approx. 50 countries in 130 different languages for 770+ hours daily.

We know this ministry is effective because we receive 9 million direct listener responses annually. In China alone 40 million downloads of FEBC material and programs have been recorded in one year.

Radio Programs

FEBC offers Christian and community service resources such as medical advice, job training, family and marriage counseling, health and safety tips, and call-in programs that serve listeners in a culturally-relevant manner.

Radio Distribution

FEBC distributes wind-up and battery-operated radios that offer people in isolated environments daily access to our broadcasts. In 2010, we distributed 9,810 radios. In 2011, FEBC distributed 10,575.

Russian Satellite Distribution Project

Satellite receivers make it possible for people living outside of Russia’s major metropolitan areas to receive FEBC’s round the clock broadcasts at no charge, making the greatest impact in rehab centers, halfway homes, homeless shelters, and churches.

Community Assistance

Medical/Dental/Food Outreach

Health care professionals assist the poor, and distribute food to communities as needed in many of FEBC’s broadcast areas.

Disaster Relief Broadcasts

FEBC is now prepared to establish an emergency radio broadcast within 72 hours of a natural disaster in areas of the world where we serve, as well as medical assistance and clothing.

Prison Visitation

In Thailand, a one-on-one outreach ministry is offered to inmates of local prisons; Christian literature, food, and toiletries are distributed.

Building Homes

FEBC-Vietnam works alongside churches to provide homes for the poor.

Educational Resources

Christian Literature Distribution

Bibles, books, CDs, lesson plans, and booklets are regularly sent to listeners who request them.

Seminary Training

Seminary-level courses are offered through FEBC-Chinese Ministries to train and equip lay and church leaders to teach Bible studies and lead local churches.

Marriage Seminars and Listener Rallies

Help teach couples how to nurture their marriages and to encourage people to listen to the radio.

Scholarship Programs

Help poor families send their children to school.


FEBC-Korea children and women’s choir groups travel as missionaries, spreading the Word through song and dance.

Children/Teen Programming

Several FEB ministries offer age-appropriate programs to teach children and teens about Christ’s love for them.

Bible Correspondence Class

Offered through FEBC-Indonesia, FEBC-Korea, and FEBC-Thailand. Broadcast Training: In 2003, FEBC-Indonesia’s Heartline Academy of Media was launched to train people interested in becoming broadcasters.  To date, 600 people have undergone intense radio broadcaster training, while another 5,000 have attended numerous seminars related to broadcasting.

What your support does

Your support takes the Gospel of Jesus Christ over geographic, economic and religious barriers through radio and other forms of media.