Ds Düring Cornelius

About Ds Düring Cornelius

Western Cape

Rev. Düring Cornelius, FEBA’s new representative in the Southern and Eastern Cape is ready to visit your church or group. You will be blessed and encouraged by a gripping multi-media presentation with videos, pictures and testimonies from people around the globe, whose lives were changed by God through our gospel broadcasts.

After completing his schooling in Witbank and Pretoria, Düring went on to study Theology at the University of Pretoria. Completing his national service as a Chaplain, he served in ministries in Laingsburg, Lady Grey and Potchefstroom NG Moedergemeente. He also served as Secretary of the Islands Mission for many years and is still involved in the missions committee of the Goudland Synod. Düring is well informed about FEBA’s ministry, since, as Secretary of the Islands Mission, he witnessed our shortwave broadcast ministry first-hand from the Seychelles, to countries like India, the Middle East and Asia. He is married to Suzette and hey have been blessed with 4 children, all of whom are married.