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See what we do around the world




    “I have been encouraged by your radio programs and decided to receive Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour.”

      Naniba Dimbamba, Mali

      “I listened to the Bambara Bible Reading program on the radio every day, which allowed me to hear about miracle healings by Jesus or in His name, and so I concluded that if it only took a sick person’s faith to regain health through prayer, then I would also be healed!”

        Meerim, Krygyzstan

        “I have lived in a small town my whole life. Lately I have come across your station and listen to it every day. I know you all by name now. You are like family to me. Most of my life I have been a devoted Muslim. Around Christmas time, there was a guest in your studio who talked clearly about Jesus Christ. Is it possible to hear that broadcast again?"

          Sok Muy, Takeo province, Cambodia

          “In the past, I used to chastise my children with anger and rage. But after listening to your parenting program. it taught me to be more patient and give them reasons when they make mistakes".

            Musa Mukadasi, Mangochi

            “I am one of your listeners at Katema Village, where many of us listen every day to your programs on Litala FM. It is quite clear on our side. I often encourage others to listen to the Chi Yao programs that we now have on our radio station. We are proud of that. I will continue listening to this radio station. I have decided to put my trust in Jesus Christ, and I should have the eternal life you mentioned. Please continue sharing more such messages.”

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