• We distribute Radio’s and Audio Bibles to people in communities that have no access to information or in countries where information is heavily censored.
  • Radio transcends barriers of poverty, illiteracy, censorship
  • There are still 13 countries where less than 20% of the population have access to the internet and it is in these areas where radio is needed the most
  • 20 Countries we reach have strong internet censorship
  • In 7 of the countries where we broadcast less than 75% of the country is literate

Donate 1 radio: R350.00
Donate 1 Audio Bible: R420.00

Litala FM is our newest station in Malawi. The ministry was first founded in 1991 and has since produced and broadcast ChiYao language programs for Yao Muslims from a portable studio. In 2020 they received their official FM license and now hope to establish a permanent studio for their station in Blantyre.

  • Reach 3 million Yao Muslims with the (gospel)good news of Jesus Christ
  • Equip new believers to become Christian leaders in their communities
  • Ensure the studio is fully equipped and sustained to continue to broadcast the gospel in Malawi for generations to come.

We provide online/ or in person discipleship training for listeners in all of the countries where we are present. The purpose of this training is to raise up mature believers and equip them with the knowledge they need to disciple others. You can sponsor a listener with an online or in person discipleship training course;

1 listener – R460.00
2 listeners – R920.00
3 listeners – R1380.00

One of the main focuses of our ministry in Africa is to empower, uplift and help women to step into their calling. Many women from impoverished homes have lost their sense of self, always having to attend to the needs of their husbands and children. Often, once their husbands pass away, they are left with nothing and cannot fend for themselves. Our ministry in Africa encourages and empowers women to pursue further education, start businesses and become Christian leaders in their communities.

Once women become aware of their identity in Christ through listening to our program’s they discover their purpose and are eager to share the gospel with those around them.

  • Sponsor 1 women’s program: R265.00
  • Sponsor 2 women’s programs: R530.00
  • Sponsor 3 women’s programs: R795.00

North Africa Ministry

God planted the vision in our hearts to create a so called, “media net” by planting powerful FM stations in strategic locations right across the countries in the Sahel region, starting in Mali and ending in Sudan. It is in this zone where the Muslim north and predominantly Christian south meet and sometimes violently clash. We have already established two fully functioning stations in this region; KanuYah FM in Mali and Shahada Radio in Chad. Through these stations we aim to share the gospel with unreached people groups and predominantly Arabic speaking nations that are saturated with violent religious extremism.



Shahada radio that was established by FEBA Radio South Africa together with our partners in Chad in 2019, ministers to 12 unreached people groups in the city of N’Djamena and neighbouring towns. The team aims to inspire nominal Christians and those of other faiths to commit their lives to Christ. They feature 3 sermons every day, along with other uplifting and educational programs. They also provide one-on-one counseling sessions to listeners telephonically.

Station: Shahada Radio

Location: N’Djamena

Frequency: 105.9FM

Languages: French, Arabic, Ngambaye, Sara, Gorane, Zaghawa, kanembu, Mundang, Baguirmi, Bornu


KanuYah Radio , located in the Malian village called Sollo (meaning “valley”), was established in 2005 by Station Manager M’Bimba together with the help of two South African missionaries. In 2018, FEBA South Africa joined as partners and began funding the station in order to spread the gospel to the unreached people groups in Mali as part of our vision to stop Islamic radicalism through evangelism in the Sahel region. KanuYah in Sollo broadcasts (minutes/hours per day), mostly in the (Language) and covers most of the Kayes region and parts of Senegal and Guinea Conakry. Programs are broadcast via KanuYah Radio, through a 300W transmitter and a 55m tower. Through their broadcasts which consist of cultural, evangelical and educational programs, they reach up to 2 million people of all ages, social class, or level/lack of education in the areas which they cover, regardless of their ethnic, religious, or linguistic background.

Station: KanuYah Radio

Location: Manantali

Frequency: 91.0 MHz

Languages: Mandingo, Bambara, Khassonké, Fulani, Bozo, French and English


Our stations in Mozambique Radio Nuru 106.6FM, RADIO FOT (Fountain of Truth) and Radio Chiuanjota ministers to unreached people groups from Macomia in North eastern Mozambique to Lichinga in the North western part of the country. These stations focus on producing programs that evangelise Muslims and animists.

  1. Radio Nuru: This station situated in the Macomia disctrict, in north-eastern Mozambique broadcasts in Portuguese, Shimaconde, Kimwani, and Macua. Programs are 100% biblically orientated. Programs include topics like; vision of Christ, moments of inspiration, old time religious hour, Christ gospel broadcasts, ‘Let the Bible speak’, Harvest time, Wonderful words of life. The station has 7 full-time staff members. Radio Nuru’s broadcasts cover 280km and reaches approximately 796,000 people. Programs are broadcast through its (500W) transmitter and (25m) tower.
  2. Radio FOT (Fountain of Truth): This station broadcasts in Portuguese, Nyanja, Macua, Yao and Ngoni. Programs are 100% biblically orientated. The station also produces programs for the purpose of community upliftment. Programs are broadcast from their (1Kw) transmitter and (45m) tower. The station has managed to establish 11,815 listener clubs over the past 2 years. Each listener club has at least 51 members in each. The station also launched an initiative to support farmers to grow maize, potatoes and other produce.
  3. Radio Chiuanjota: This station currently serves as a relay station for Radio FOT (Fountain of Truth) and broadcasts the gospel to people groups in the nearby villages in Chiconono.
  4. Radio Voice of Hope

“Voice of Hope” is a small station our team operates in central Mozambique close to the coastal town of Beira. The main purpose of this station is to broadcast critical information to people who have been displaced by catastrophic events caused by recent natural disasters. Our team regularly reaches out to thousands of displaced people living at the camps and shares the gospel with them. Many have come to Christ and formed listener clubs in the camps.

Langauges:  Cinyungwe, Portuguese, Ciyao, Emakhuwa

Thank you for your obedience to God’s calling and for bringing the gospel
to those who have never heard it.

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