Radio/Audio Bible Project

  • We distribute Radio’s and Audio Bibles to people in communities that have no access to information or in countries where information is heavily censored.
  • Radio transcends barriers of poverty, illiteracy, censorship
  • There are still 13 countries where less than 20% of the population have access to the internet and it is in these areas where radio is needed the most
  • 20 Countries we reach have strong internet censorship
  • In 7 of the countries where we broadcast less than 75% of the country is literate

Donate 1 Radio: R450.00
Donate 1 Audio Bible: R450.00

Discipleship Training

We provide online/ or in person discipleship training for listeners in all of the countries where we are present. The purpose of this training is to raise up mature believers and equip them with the knowledge they need to disciple others. You can sponsor a listener with an online or in person discipleship training course;

1 listener – R460.00
2 listeners – R920.00
3 listeners – R1380.00

Empower Women - Africa

One of the main focuses of our ministry in Africa is to empower, uplift and help women to step into their calling. Many women from impoverished homes have lost their sense of self, always having to attend to the needs of their husbands and children. Often, once their husbands pass away, they are left with nothing and cannot fend for themselves.

Once women become aware of their identity in Christ through listening to our program’s they discover their purpose and are eager to share the gospel with those around them.

  • Sponsor 1 women’s program: R265.00
  • Sponsor 2 women’s programs: R530.00
  • Sponsor 3 women’s programs: R795.00

Sahel Region - Media Net

Saharan Africa Ministry

God planted the vision in our hearts to create a so called, “media net” by planting powerful FM stations in strategic locations right across the countries in the Sahel region, starting in Mali and ending in Sudan. It is in this zone where the Muslim north and predominantly Christian south meet and sometimes violently clash. We have already established two fully functioning stations in this region; KanuYah FM in Mali and Shahada Radio in Chad. Through these stations we aim to share the gospel with unreached people groups and predominantly Arabic speaking nations that are saturated with violent religious extremism.

Pauline Leadership Academy

Paul’s first-century context had certain well-developed institutions, each with its own leadership structures. These institutions presented Paul with a rich tapestry of leadership content which he seemingly freely borrowed from in developing his own leadership thinking. We will also take a deeper dive into the dynamic relationship that exists between leaders and their contexts.

These courses are available at www.leadership-clarity.com

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Thank you for your obedience to God’s calling and for bringing the gospel
to those who have never heard it.