The people of North Korea are in desperate need for transformation that only the gospel can bring. Each day brings shocking news of how believers are brutally imprisoned, starved and tortured for their faith. Here is a short testimony from a listener who managed to escape North Korea. His testimony is proof of the brutality that North Koreans face on a daily basis.

“I was born in North Homgyong Province of North Korea. I started attending kindergarten when I was five years old, and they taught me how to idolize General Kim II Sung. Dying for the General was everyone’s dream, a huge honour, and so it was for me. From where I lived we could see China across the river. We have heard that people in China were rich and had plenty to eat, while people in North Korea are starving to death. A lady once told us that we were only starving, because the General didn’t know about our poverty. I then decided to escape from North Korea.”

A dear friend of his helped him to cross the river to China. He explains that in North Korea people are being persecuted on a daily basis, as if it were commonplace, for believing in God and for spreading the gospel. It never affected him until one day his friend’s entire family were martyred for their faith. He says that even then, his friend was willing to risk his life to tell him about Jesus. And that is how he came to believe in God.

After attempting to cross the river to China and failing ten times, he eventually made it, and is now an ordained minister. During his journey he was thrown into jail, and was brutally tortured for believing in Christ.

FEBC was recently gifted a piece of land on an island in South Korea, to build a brand new station. Plans are already underway for a new radio tower to be installed that will enable FEBC to reach the entire North Korea. Plans are moving forward to begin preparations of the land for construction and requests have been submitted to obtain the necessary permits to continue building.

Let us trust the Lord together, in faith, to complete this great undertaking – so that all the people of North Korea will be able to hear the Good News!

*Story Adapted from FEBC.ORG

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