*Amira, too, was crying when she phoned the team.

She was responding to a question posed by the station that day: ‘What would you like to say to your parents?’

The 22-year-old student wept, saying: ‘I want to rebel against them’, before hanging up. When the program finished, *Alia, another team member, called Amira back.

‘Amira explained that her parents were making her marry her cousin,’ says Alia. ‘Her cousin loves her and wants to marry her, but she doesn’t feel the same for him and is not yet ready to marry and start a family. Her parents continued to pressure her and she didn’t know what to do.’

Alia suggested she speak to her cousin and explain her own feelings. She promised to pray for Amira in this.

Though nervous, Amira spoke with her cousin and explained her position. Listening carefully, her cousin told Amira he respected her wishes and assured her he would speak to the family.

Amira called Alia back and thanked her for the advice and prayer.

‘She felt so happy,’ says Alia. ‘She felt her hope was restored. She said she hadn’t realized the power of prayer before, that she was sure God had spoken to her cousin.

‘She told me she had felt an extraordinary love from our station and she wanted to know that same love herself.’

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