“My friends are now enjoying Jesus Christ the same way I am enjoying Jesus.” – Marita Bonner, Malawi

After hearing her friend’s testimony of how our station manager in Malawi, Reverend Amos Siyabu Phiri, helped them get to know Jesus Christ and learn more about the Word of God through radio, Marita Bonner decided to give God a chance. It wasn’t long before she fully submitted her life to Christ and invited other people into her home to listen to the gospel message with her. Before long, her house was overflowing with precious souls hungry to hear the word of God being preached through the radio or on the audio Bible.

The ministry of FEBA in Malawi is building strong bridges for the kingdom and consistently reaching new milestones. After acquiring a new building in Blantyre, FEBA Malawi built a new broadcasting station and launched Litala FM, which broadcasts spiritual and educational programs to local communities. FEBA Malawi reaches beyond its own borders, as well, and broadcasts to the Yao people groups living in Mozambique and Tanzania, making the potential listener target for the station four million people.

Before receiving its own broadcasting license in 2020, FEBA Malawi partnered with other radio networks for more than 30 years to broadcast spiritual and educational programs from a local church in Blantyre.

The station manager, Reverend Amos Siyabu Phiri, has successfully implemented the concept of listener clubs in the country. He has good control over the station and the many listener clubs that were established under his leadership in remote areas. The listener clubs greatly increased the reach of FEBA in remote areas.

In December, Rev Amos and his team attended the long-anticipated FEBC International Leadership Academy, which took place over a span of four days and where multiple aspects such as “The Reality of Leadership”, “The History and Ethos of FEBC”, “Competence and Character”, “Adapting to Leadership Styles”, “Leadership and Personal Growth”, and many more topics were discussed. This effectively equipped the Malawi team to improve themselves and the community and overcome any obstacles they may face in their communities while fulfilling their roles in this ministry.

The team in Malawi regularly endures harsh conditions and persecution to travel long distances to spend time with as many new and non-believers as possible on their journey with the Lord. And they are making progress, one soul at a time. This is how FEBA is building bridges to the kingdom in Malawi through community radio, one broadcast and one step at a time.

You can help grow this God-ordained work by following this link and getting involved: https://febaradio.co.za/projects/

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