“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” – Acts 4:12.
Salvation is a gift from God that is offered to all people, but the problem is that many people don’t even know that the gift exists. In Cambodia, Buddhism is the main religion and it is practiced by 97% of the population. It is interesting to note that less than 20% of Cambodians have access to the internet however, 100% of them can be reached through FEBC’s gospel radio.

Through our gospel broadcasts, we are imparting Biblical knowledge, wisdom and principles to unreached people, whom otherwise would have no access to the truth. When they discover the truth through our broadcasts, their lives are changed forever. This is exactly what is currently happening in Cambodia. People are being restored from their broken past when discovering hope and meaning in Christ. Many people in Cambodia are looking beyond Buddhism for answers and are surprisingly open to the gospel.

We see evidence of this in numerous testimonies that we receive from Cambodian listeners. Recently, we received a testimony from a listener in the Kompong Speu province that truly touched our hearts:

Chhem Tha and her husband, Sok Khun, were once unbelievers and had no knowledge of Jesus Christ before they started listening to our programs. Chhem Tha listened to our programs on a regular basis, but the topics never really interested her. However, one day while listening to one of our programs that spoke about Jesus, suddenly her interest was sparked. The broadcaster said the following; “If you believe in Jesus Christ, you will be saved and healed.” In that moment she decided to accept Christ as her Lord and Saviour. She was also very ill during that time due to a kidney stone that was causing her much pain. After receiving salvation, she started to pray and placed her faith in God. She trusted that He would heal her. When visiting the doctor to have the kidney stone removed, by some miracle, it was no longer there. She was indeed healed, praise God!

Many more people like Chhem Tha can have access to the life changing power of the gospel. It is both your and our responsibility to provide them with the opportunity to discover the free gift of salvation. Together we can make it possible.


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