In the month of January, Radio Liangyou (FEBC Chinese Ministries) aired a live broadcast to pray for the people in Wuhan, and Hubei province where the coronavirus outbreak occurred. Currently, our staff in China mostly work from home, only 25% are in the office in order to limit contact with coronavirus carriers. There is a huge shortage of masks, which have also now become very scarce and expensive.

The situation in Wuhan became quite serious after the city was locked down, in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading. Many people throughout China are also wearing masks when visiting their friends and relatives to prevent infection.

Although the virus is raging against the nation’s health status, thousands of Chinese believers across the country are placing their trust in God and are praying for Hubei and the people who have been affected by the virus.

Radio Liangyou continues to care for their listeners and students across the country by keeping contact with them and praying for them. Rev. Lin Cheng (FEBC broadcaster) immediately phoned three nurses in Wuhan on the first day of the outbreak of the virus, to intercede for them.

Despite the epidemic turning into one of the worst outbreaks in recent history, our listeners continue to remain strong in their faith;

“As children of God, although we are in trouble, we cannot allow our hearts to become like the plague. It is important that we remain strong in God’s service. May God continue to guard me and make me more and more like Christ,” says a listener from Wuhan.

The people of Hubei are in desperate need of an intervention from God and will not be able to withstand this tragedy without His help and comfort. Join us in prayer as we intercede for the rapid distribution of aid materials to the hospitals and related departments and for God to meet every material shortage at each hospital.

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