The mission to reach the whole of North Korea with the Gospel of Jesus Christ has finally been fulfilled.

FEBC Korea, which was initially set up by Christian missionaries from the US in 1956, officially relocated its station to a 48,075 square meter seaside site on Daebu Island that was gifted to the ministry not long ago. This new radio transmitter is positioned within perfect proximity to North Korea to avoid interference from other radio waves. It is estimated that the broadcasts will reach an audience of 1.7 billion people in Northeast Asia.

Since its first broadcast, FEBC has continued to carry out its mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Asia, North Korea, China, Russia and the Central Asian region.

To celebrate the launch of the relocation, a thanksgiving service was held at the new site. The event, attended by several distinguished guests, partners and staff members was marked by elaborate celebratory customs, prayers and sermons.

The relocation of this station marks a significant moment in history that will bring change to the lives of millions of people within its reach and ultimately shape and influence society for many years to come.

One of the guests in attendance, Rep. Kim Jin-pyo of the ruling Democratic party of Korea shared a few inspiring words;

“delivering the message of the gospel to the lands that we cannot reach.” I’m so overjoyed that the message of the gospel will be delivered to North Korea, China, and other Asian countries through this station. The gospel must be delivered to the ends of the earth, and this is our utmost mission.”

For the past six decades, FEBA/FEBC has been on the forefront of sending out information to isolated countries like North Korea. Many North Korean defectors testified that they listened to FEBC’s broadcasts and consequently became determined to escape North Korea to pursue freedom and learn more about Christianity.

Historical Significance of FEBC in Korea

FEBC was first established in Korea when free democracy represented by the United States and the communist world led by the Soviet Union were at odds. The founders of the ministry, realized that broadcasting was an excellent way to reach people living in communist countries.

The first original 100kW AM radio service on the 1188 KHz frequency was the key to providing a broader service in the region. The power enabled the station to broadcasts into Korea as well as neighboring countries like North Korea, three provinces in Northeast China, Russia’s Far East and Japan. FEBC Korea’s Jeju AM station on 1566kHz has been broadcasting programs in Korean, Russian and Japanese.

Over the years the station has faced natural disasters and difficulties in maintaining its business. In 1972 the transmitter collapsed because of a storm, and was not able to broadcast due to the heavy rainfall in July 1987. Through all of this, God sustained and preserved the ministry and enabled them to make a lasting impact in the nation. Their resilience as an organization, and the relentless sacrificial support from local partners is praiseworthy. All of this is proof of God’s power to move mountains, when he finds a people who are willing to give of their substance to build His Kingdom.


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