FEBC Mongolia on the verge of reaching the entire country

When we think about Mongolia, we think about extreme, rapid spiritual growth which took place over two decades. The ministry that celebrated 20 years in service last year has experienced the kind of growth that only the true living God is capable of. Historically, the nation is rooted in a system of religious tolerance, that can be dated back to the Mongol Empire. The Empire even sponsored several different religious movements at the same time. Inevitably, over time this tolerance has seeped into every level of society and today Mongolia is a melting pot of Buddhism, Islam, Shamanism, and other folk religions.

Just 30 years ago years ago there were less than 10 Christians in the country. Today FEBC Mongolia operates 13 FM stations and one online radio platform called Faith Radio. Mongolians have been coming to the faith in large numbers since the collapse of the USSR in 1991; and God has used the radio to plant, nurture, and unite churches.

The 13 stations are located in the following regions of; Ulaanbaatar, Murun, Huvsgol Province, Byanhongor, Baganuur, Darhan, Erdenet, Hovd City, Bulgun City, Sainshand City, Nailaih City, Choibalsan City, and Baruun-Urt. A relay station is also located in Chinggis city that reaches a population of 25,000 people.

With plans to build 11 more stations, FEBC Mongolia is on the verge of reaching the entire country including urban cities and the most remote settlements.

The ministry’s recent innovations include translating programs into sign language for the deaf community. They also launched several new online programs aimed at encouraging listeners to pray continually, have courage to be a witness of Christ to others, and grow in their faith by studying the word of God. One of these programs is called ‘Soul Key’ that is hosted by Christian counsellors. The team receives many inspiring messages from listeners posted on Facebook during their livestream sessions, and we share them with you here.

Jargal wrote: “I gained new understanding about the challenges people with hearing impairments face through your live stream sessions. I never used to understand them. Perhaps I did not want to understand, to accept or respect them. But while listening to your program, I think about a lot of things, and I’ve made the decision to respect them and teach my children how to understand people with hearing impairments and how to communicate with them.”

Mairagul wrote: “Hi, I am Mairagul. I am Kazakh, but I’m living in the Khovd province of Mongolia with my mother. I am one of only a few Christians out of my entire extended family. My mother is a Christian too, though. I love to read my Kazakh Bible. Sometimes, my non-Christian relatives want me to pray for their business or other issues going on in their private lives. When this happens, I am very glad to mobilize them to pray together. I know I am here on this earth to declare Jesus as my Lord and Savior to all of my family!”

These stories have greatly encouraged us as we continue to support the ministry of FEBA in Africa and across the world. It is also our main focus to pray for these nations as they experience many of their own unique spiritual difficulties. The unreached in Mongolia, are on our hearts and we know that through the 11 new stations that will be built, Mongolia is well on its way to becoming a Christian nation.

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