Kyrgyzstan made international headlines earlier this month. Thousands of anti-government protestors and vigilante groups stormed the main political building on 6 October, in response to what many believe was a rigged election. Hours later the parliament voted to annul the recent election results and an interim prime minister was appointed until new elections can be held. People are apprehensive and many are calling for the president to be impeached as the city of Bishkek resorted to anarchy.

Protestors were displaying extreme hostile behaviour towards authorities and extremists took advantage of the situation by performing acts of violence, vandalism and looting.

As South Africans we are not unfamiliar with this type of chaos, which continues to worsen all over the world during these very uncertain times. For the people of Kyrgyzstan, political instability is even less uncommon.

“This has happened several times over the past 15 years,” says FEBC’s Ethan Froelich. “A new government will come into power and, for most Kyrgyz people, life will go on as before.”

The greater concern is, what daily life is truly like for Kyrgyz people without Christ. Fear, anxiety and hopelessness are all feelings that dominate the lives of people who do not know Christ.

Kyrgyzstan is a relatively small, culturally Muslim-majority nation which remains largely unreached with the Gospel. Less than 1% of the population are born-again followers of Jesus. Most people will live and die having never heard about what Jesus has done for them.

The tide has turned. God is opening doors for the advancement of the Gospel in Kyrgyzstan. Ten years ago, Christian broadcasts were very scarce. Now, thanks to our faithful supporters and partners, there are six powerful FM radio stations broadcasting the truth about Jesus Christ to two-thirds of the country’s population. People are hearing the gospel in Kyrgyzstan in their own language.

While protests continued to flood the streets of Bishkek, FEBC was broadcasting a message of hope and new life in Christ. “We are not taking sides politically,” says FEBC’s Central Asia director, Rudi Wiens. “We are talking on the air about where people can get the things, they need during the unrest … things like food and medical attention. In times like these people are looking for hope. We are urging them to pray for the government and for a quick end to the chaos. And, of course, we are telling them about Jesus.”

Kyrgyzstan is a relatively small nation nestled on the border of China in the heart of Asia.  Less than 1% of this culturally Muslim nation profess Christian faith. With a population of 6.3 million, it is one of the least reached countries in the world. Yet God is at work in Kyrgyzstan in surprising ways. People are hungry for God. Most have never heard the message of the Gospel. The Good News of what Jesus has done for them is completely foreign. Yet when they hear it, astonishing numbers respond … lives are changed! This short video gives a glimpse of what God is doing in Kyrgyzstan.


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