Often, I long to witness a miracle, because I know that God is a miracle Worker. Every one of us needs miracles, small and big for our neighbors, colleagues, friends and family members. As Christians we learn about God, and through His Word it is evident that He carries the power to perform miracles without limit.

If you’ve ever doubted God’s Miracle working power and God’s ability to usher in miracles through a radio station…

.. you will never doubt it again, after reading this incredible testimony that we just received from KanuYah FM in Mali.

Young Yoro Jallow who lives and works in Manantali, spends much of his time on weekends in fellowship with his friends and soccer teammates. After a soccer match, they will sit and enjoy a cup of green tea together, a favorite pastime for young Malians. Three weeks ago, while Mr Jallow was going about his usual weekend routine, sudden misfortune crossed his path.

On this particular day, Yoro happened to have some money in his pocket. As the friends were brewing tea, someone decided to drug his cup of tea. The culprit knew that since he had never taken the drug before, it would probably have a devastating effect on him, providing a window of opportunity for them to steal his money. The result was tragic…

Once Yoro drank the tea, he was completely disorientated and his money was taken, but the worst was yet to come. In his disorientated state, he left the group and disappeared. Once his family realized he was missing, they contacted our station in Mali. The team immediately made an announcement, urging citizens to be on the look- out for the young man. The response was incredible. Immediately after the announcement was made, listeners from all over the town began searching for him. In their search they even journeyed as far as neighboring towns of Mahina and Bafoulabé. People were praying everywhere, alone and in groups, including the station staff. Listeners were unrelenting in their search for young Yoro, they made phone calls, sent out search teams and prayed without ceasing.

Finally, someone found his shoes on the ground and shirt hanging from a tree branch on the river bank. The search group started shouting his name and their voices echoed through the thick vegetation. When no reply was heard, they began to worry and fear the worst. It was a dangerous place crawling with snakes of every kind, and the water home to crocodiles and hippos that are known to be aggressive. The area is off-limits for people, even men with canoes who made a few attempts to collect sand from the riverbed for sale, had abandoned the area altogether.

Nevertheless, the station continued to broadcast the announcement every couple of hours and after a short while had passed, a man from a village in the mountains called the team to say that he had found Yoro.

The poor young man had been wondering around all day long. When the man had found him, he was near a cave entrance fighting off a huge Cobra that had already raised its flattened head high above the ground, and was ready to attack.

When the man called out his name, he quickly turned around and walked away calmly from the snake. It is a miracle that such a snake, that rarely gives warning had not bitten and killed him instantly!

Yoro was brought home safely that day and taken to Bamako for treatment. Listeners from all over Manantali and surrounding towns, continued to pray for him. He is due back home this week, and his treatment was a complete success.


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