In Mali we are reaching a potential audience of 2,000,000 Bambara, Mandingo, Khassonké, Fulani, and Bozo people in 600 villages within a 500-600km radius from South to West.  Mali is a predominantly Muslim country with 94.84% adherents to Islam, and only 2.3% Christians.

Within the African populations that we reach through our broadcasts in Chad, Mali, Mozambique, and Malawi through our online and traditional radio broadcasts, some come to Christ after witnessing or experiencing a miracle in their lives, others only accept Christ after many years of listening to our programs and studying the scriptures for themselves. But, all our listeners, whether they have accepted Christ as their Lord and savior yet or are still in the process of doing so – are being equipped with the Word of God.

An ongoing trend that we’ve noticed from all the listener testimonies and feedback we’ve received over the years, is that all of them are being equipped, irrespective of what stage of the conversion process they are at.

“It was a miracle that happened in the Kayes region that led me Christianity, but my faith and biblical knowledge has always grown thanks to KanuYah FM Sollo.” – Makane*

“I was a Muslim woman before, but then I started listening to KanuYah FM Sollo as soon as it was installed and commissioned, even to its Christian programs, which led me to making an unbiased comparison between Islam and Christianity, based on the teachings on this Christian radio station and on what I already knew about Islam. I even went to the extent of requesting prayers from either side in different situations at different times, and each time I got answers when Christians prayed for me, but none whatsoever when Muslims did. Now I never miss a Christian program on KanuYah FM.” – Niakore*

“Several years ago – I had a terrible disease. My whole body was swelling and apparently there was no cure for it. As I started listening to KanuYah FM Sollo, I thought that maybe Christians could help me. I decided to visit my local church and asked the pastor to pray for me. After several months of prayer, I was completely healed. I decided to become a Christian and like other members of the church, I always listen to KanuYah FM, which I consider to be my library of Christian knowledge.” – Samboua*

Christian programming in unreached countries is vital. A bank of Christian knowledge and insight is not as easily available in African countries like Mali, as they are in the developed world, especially not in local ethnic and indigenous languages. In many countries we reach, our programs are also a source of knowledge for local churches. The fruit produced in the lives of new believers who by continuous and consistent consumption of the information we provide them, is lasting, rooted and is even being passed down to the next generation.

Delivering the gospel to the people of Mali in the form of programming is vitally important to a country that does not have the luxury of a diverse, rich, and free bank of Christian resources. In Mali and other countries that we reach not even the churches provide the type of resources that our stations do. Once listeners are empowered, they have the tools they need to live successful Christian lives.

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