My name is Tserennadmid, I live in Bayanhongor province, in Central Mongolia. I have attended a local church for the past five years. When I was a new believer, I heard about a Christian radio station, which was being aired in my area. As soon as I received a Galcom radio device, I started listening to your broadcasts. I have done this, ever since.

“I am so grateful for the study opportunity I receive by listening to “Thru the Bible” program. Previously, my only chance to hear the Word was at a Sunday church service. Now I am not limited to Sundays only and I can experience God and His presence anytime and anywhere with this radio device. “Thru the Bible” program gives me the opportunity for self-reflection. I ask myself if I am truly demonstrating the love of Jesus in my life towards other people.”

Thank you for broadcasting such spiritual programs for listeners to grow in their faith and for giving them the opportunity to have a closer friendship with Jesus Christ.

The first church in Mongolia was established in 1991. Before this time, Mongolia was a part of the Soviet Union for 70 years and Christianity was never truly introduced or allowed in the country. Today there are approximately 100,000 Christians in the country. Given the fact that Mongolia was completely closed to the gospel this is a great blessing and miracle that was achieved by the hand of God through FEBC’s radio stations. The most practiced religion in the nation is Buddhism. Buddhism has its roots in atheistic ideologies, which makes it difficult for Mongolians to understand the concept of God and it takes a hours, days and weeks of answering questions, in depth discussions and apologetics to lead them to Christ. It is only the work of the Holy Spirit that can turn the hearts of people who have no understanding of God to Christ. However, it is our task and commission to disciple new believers, connect them with a local church and ensure their gradual and consistent spiritual growth.

Throughout the pandemic the team at our station in Ulaanbaatar distributed hundreds of radios to people in different sectors of society. Just recently they distributed 40 radios to prisoners. A journalist from our team there, visited the prison a few days later to interview the inmates who received radios. Based on her feedback, most of the prisoners were listening to FEBC’s family educational programs, which is extremely encouraging as 70% were arrested on charges of domestic violence and assault.

The task to evangelize Mongolia is very urgent and because of the gospel being new in the country, there is no hostility towards Christianity. This makes it a blessing to usher in true transformation without having to answer for the mistakes made by predecessors.

Stand with us today and lead thousands more in Mongolia, to Christ

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