Join us in thanking God for the changed lives from some of our many listeners to our Russian broadcasts to the Ukraine.

“I am a widow and I live alone. Several months ago I discovered FEBC on my radio’s dial and began listening whenever your program was on. Little by little, I began understanding truths about God and about myself and began re-evaluating the way I lived. I also began praying as you suggested, and for the first time I’ve experienced a connection with God. The next step for me is to visit a church. Can you recommend a church for me here in Chernovtsy?” From Ludmila

I listen to your new station in Slavyansk, Ukraine. I teach math in high school and I felt that our young people need something that would inspire them, something they could live for in addition to things like money or career, or, rather, instead of those things. And then I began listening to your station and was convicted myself: what am I really living for? What do I really believe? I’d like to talk to a pastor if you can recommend one for me.” From Elena

I Began to listen to your programs only recently. I am not proud of my past—I used to be a criminal and spent 10 years in prison for my crimes. As I look back, I see post signs of stupid mistakes I made. But when I look into my future, I realize that I lack skills and wisdom to change anything. Please pray for me, friends.” From Ivan

“I live in a beautiful Ukrainian village and I listen to your broadcasts as often as I can. Often I invite my friends and neighbors to listen to your programs because they need salvation. Many years ago I became a Christian because of FEBC broadcasts and I thank God for this privilege we have, to hear the Word of God on the radio. Please pray for a Christian revival in our village.” From Nadezhda

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