Pakistan is a strict Islamic state which poses grave dangers to Christians and ministries alike. FEBA Pakistan established its first communication office in 1974 despite the country being largely Muslim with around 240 million people. At the time, radio was very popular, and FEBA Pakistan had 35 programs that were broadcasted in nine different languages. These broadcasts were aired via shortwave transmitters into Pakistan. Since 2000 they rented Studios but in 2020 FEBA Pakistan bought a building in central Pakistan where 10 million people live in the Punjabi region. In 2006 they started with FM broadcasts in four of the biggest cities in 2 provinces.


In 2021 FEBA Pakistan built their new studio for digital and video production. However, the studio is not yet in full use as they still need 25 000 USD to purchase the needed equipment.  This studio will be used to train new broadcasters and youth in media work. In this way they would also be able to evangelise the young people of Pakistan.


Since Christian FM radio stations are not allowed in Pakistan, FEBA buys airtime on secular stations. Currently FM broadcasts are done four days per week via four secular stations in 2 provinces – north and south. Each station carries two hours of programs every day. This amounts to 8 hours per day. The main language used is Urdu which is the national language of Pakistan. We also broadcast 19 programs per day via shortwave and each program lasts 3 hours. All FM broadcasts are live-streamed as well in 4 provinces.


FEBA Pakistan utilizes various platforms to spread the Good News by broadcasting via Facebook, their mobile app, and WhatsApp for six and a half hours per day.


Known for going the extra mile, FEBA Pakistan started the “Book Van Project” in 2019 where they fill a van with hundreds of inspirational and faith-building books that allows people to read stories and testimonies from people all around the world. One of the most popular books has 54 personal stories and testimonies for people to read. The team has also developed Bible study books. The newest One is a Bible study on the Book of Revelation written by a Biblical scholar in Pakistan.

These books are distributed free of charge to their listener clubs and to new converts.  As part of the follow-up ministry, FEBA Pakistan offers seminars on these Bible study books to help those interested in Christianity to learn more and to help new converts grow in their faith. Each of these books costs approximately ten USD to print and publish. FEBA South Africa has sponsored this Book Van Project for many years now.

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