The journey of establishing a powerful gospel focused, family-orientated network of stations throughout Mongolia that unashamedly preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ and is daily contributing towards the growth of local churches.

“Where are you going?”

“Hello, where are you going?”, “I’m not going anywhere”, this is the typical way of greeting for nomads living in the vast steppes of Mongolia. They are traditional sheep herders who are also known to be great horse people of the steppes. Mongolia certainly is one of the least explored nations of the world. Situated between Russia and China, one can’t fathom how Mongolia once used to be a huge Empire, bigger than that of the Roman Empire. Mongols lived in the steppes of Asia since 400AD and have been speaking a peculiar language that is part of the Finno-Uyghurik language group. Mongolia was originally formed by various warring tribes that were eventually united under Genghis Khan’s rulership – forming a nation in the 12th century. In the making of the nation, Genghis Khan and his successors decreed religious equality, which resulted in three Mongol tribes converting to Christianity, including certain dignitaries in Khan’s court. However, the empire soon overexpanded and fell under the Manchu rule in China.

Embracing Buddhism as a national religion along with its roots of Animism, Spiritism and Shamanism, Mongolia was truly lost. At the dawn of the century, the Soviets ruled Mongolia under strict Communist and atheistic ideologies. As a result, religion and the practicing of faith was banned. The country lost its identity and became a vassal state of the Soviet Union.

Until 1990, the country of Mongolia didn’t know where it was headed. Just as the typical nomadic greeting states – Mongolia didn’t know where it was going. It’s hard to believe that there was not a single believer of Jesus Christ in Mongolia until 1990.

A turning point at the fall of Communism

With the fall of communism, Mongolia opened up to the world in 1990. Only then were the first missionaries allowed into Mongolia – bringing the gospel and the Bible. The New Testament was also translated into the Mongolian language during this time. It was the Holy Spirit that birthed the first churches in Mongolia in the exact same way that it happened in the book of Acts. Today, Mongolia has a body of 60,000 Christian believers in 650 churches throughout the country.

FEBC Mongolia’s Journey in Gospel broadcasting

FEBC Mongolia was established 20 years ago as the first Christian radio station in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar. The station – WIND FM has become the voice of Jesus in Mongolia. The very calling for WIND FM radio ministry is to reach the unreached, since 98% of Mongolians are non – believers. This is because the Gospel was first introduced to Mongolia 30 years ago and the Bible only fully translated into the Mongolian language by the year 2000. Led by a passion to be “Closer to the Listener” FEBC Mongolia’s young broadcasters always ask themselves, “What would Jesus do?” if He was behind the microphone, to reach and minister to their audience. Therefore, sharing the Gospel is the main focus of FEBC Mongolia’s ministry. In the last 20 years, FEBC Mongolia has expanded its reach to 12 other locations in the country and has extended its broadcasting to other channels like the internet and listening devices.

Whilst the majority of FEBC Mongolia’s listeners are unbelievers, the ministry also helps new believers grow in their faith by working closely with local churches and their leaders. Bible teachings, Christian dialogue about faith and general living, and stories about God’s mighty works in the lives of believers are among some of the most popular program content topics that our ministry has to offer to the young and growing churches of Mongolia. The 12 rural stations within FEBC Mongolia’s network serve the local community of believers that they may best witness the work of the Holy Spirit – drawing multitudes to the local churches.

FEBC Mongolia is presented with a new challenge when observing that 50% of Mongolia’s population is comprised of Millennials which forces them to adapt to new technological trends to reach them. They constantly seek wisdom from God to connect and engage with the youth of the population who are still unaware of the Gospel.

Another group that our ministry in Mongolia reaches  through their broadcasts is the communities of nomadic herders. It is a great challenge to reach them since they are scattered throughout the vast country and make up about 25% of the population.  Reaching them on foot is always a daunting task. They have secured a broadcast agreement with a Satellite TV network, through which these nomadic herders can access their broadcasts. They also distribute audio devices preloaded with Bible teachings specifically to help these nomads grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

Here are a few testimonies which serve as evidence of the fruit of our ministry in Mongolia:

“I prefer listening to your radio station, because I receive good and positive energy from the programs.  I am so glad that your broadcasts are aired in our community.” – Zulaa, a listener in Khuvsgul province.

“I received a Galcom radio from your station when it was launched.  Since then, I have been a listener … and now learn how God created everything.” – Enhmaa, a listener in Dornod province.

“Thanks for airing such a helpful program for families which enable us to build better and healthier relationships with our spouses.  I appreciate the ease and opportunities to study by radio.” – Bolor, a listener in Ulaanbaatar.

“I have read the Bible many times but have never understood it well.  However, I am now being encouraged and inspired by listening to ‘Through the Bible’.” – Tumur, a Mongolian internet listener in Austria.

“I have noticed that my granddaughter is now better able to express herself, due to your radio program ‘Little Bells’.” – Deegii, a listener in Ulaanbaatar.

How can they believe if they don’t hear? This is the passion of every staff member of FEBC Mongolia. Their dream is to see the whole of Mongolia come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

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