that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.”

Before Mr. Chhan Poeun believed in Christ, he was crippled suffered from severe pain. He also suffered from seizures which left him unable to take care of himself.

Mr. Poeun heard the Good News of Christ and believed. He gave his heart to the Lord and God healed him from his sickness and he never had a seizure again. Although he is still disabled, he is able to take care of himself now and is actively involved with his local Church in Cambodia. Even though all the suffering Mr. Poeun went through in his past, God raised him up and made him strong.

Mr. Poeun has been listening to FEBC Cambodia’s Family FM radio station for 8 years and is grateful for his local pastor who donated a radio to him so he could listen. Mr. Poeun says that he always pray for God to open his heart to receive the Word before he listens to Family FM. His prayer is that he will be able to apply what he heard and that the Word will lead him to follow God.

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