“My husband was a soldier in the Mozambican army. He died in Cabo Delgado during a jihadist attack. Voice of Hope has truly been a lifeline for me during difficult times.” This FEBA listener’s story is sadly not unique. Since the start of the jihadist insurgency into northern Mozambique in 2017, thousands have been killed, leaving behind widows and orphans, and displacing thousands of people.

Man-made violence and natural disasters have long prevented Mozambique from fulfilling its potential. Poverty is rife, its effects far reaching. About 40% of adults are illiterate, with only 60% finishing primary school and less than 8% moving on to secondary school. Circumstances drive many young people to join gangs. Mozambique is hungry for the Good News.

Feet fitted with readiness

Since its establishment in 2017, FEBA Mozambique has grown to six FM stations, with 93 full-time staff and thousands of volunteers. Radio Nuru, in Cabo Delgado, was the first FEBA station and has since been joined by Radio Fountain of Truth (FOT) and Radio Chiuanjota in the Niassa province, Voice of Hope in the Beira province, Impact Radio and Radio Zambezi in the Zambezia province. The stations broadcast in five to eight languages and their collective audience of millions can be found in cities, remote rural villages, and refugee camps. Now a seventh station is being built in Cuamba, Niassa Province.

Each station produces its own programs and runs its own projects according to the needs and opportunities in its vicinity. When Radio Chiuanjota noticed a rise in the number of young listeners, they started producing youth programs that have led whole gangs to Christ. Voice of Hope reaches nomads, as well as refugees of Cyclone Idai, while Impact Radio sits between three large towns and reaches about 7 million listeners. Radio Zambezi not only broadcasts over the radio but is also involved in television broadcasting and production.

In addition to their regular broadcasting, FEBA Mozambique is now also venturing into outside broadcasting. Radio FOT, Voice of Hope, and Impact Radio recently received training to go and broadcast the Good News in nearby villages, where they can engage with listeners directly.

Looking after widows and orphans

When the government gifted Radio FOT with a piece of land for its help in facilitating communication between the authorities and rural communities, Radio FOT launched an agricultural project to grow food and empower the widows of men killed in jihadist attacks. Today, the project employs dozens of widows to work the land, and it feeds 50 widows and orphans. Its most recent harvest came to 180 bags of maize and soybeans!

Faithful in adversity

FEBA Mozambique’s ministry is full of challenges. Radio Nuru sits at the heart of the conflict between jihadists and security forces. In April, staff members and other villagers were forced to evacuate and hide in the fields until the fighting ceased. Upon returning to their homes, they found that many of their belongings had been stolen or destroyed. In Niassa Province, it can also be dangerous for staff members to travel. Nevertheless, the FEBA Mozambique team diligently carries out its follow-up work, travelling to remote areas to preach the gospel and distribute audio Bibles, print Bibles, and radios.

Please join us in praying for FEBA Mozambique, that they will persist in doing good and reap their due reward. As it is written in Hebrews 6:10 (NIV): “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”

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