As members of FEBC’s global ministry, we receive thousands of testimonies from people who have discovered Christ, who found hope, love and everlasting life through listening to our broadcasts. No matter their background – Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism, Shintoism, Shamanism, Confucianism, Animism, Atheism or Agnosticism – the reoccurring theme is always the same. They have all found a new gratitude towards God and FEBA/FEBC for having shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with them that has changed their lives forever. This testimony from a listener in an undisclosed country, was particularly moving;

“When I first tuned into FEBC’s radio station, my life was at its most hopeless. Suicidal thoughts occupied my mind every day. My cousin learned of my situation and travelled a long distance to visit me. He brought a small radio with him and recommended I tune into FEBC.

“I took his advice and have been listening ever since. In the past two years, you walked beside me during the most trying times of my life. When I was too ashamed to face God and at the brink of abandoning my faith, you gave me confidence and strength, helping me turn to God and asking for His forgiveness. When I was hurting and weak, you offered me encouragement, helping me find the courage to continue living. I am indeed grateful to you.

“You have saved my life and showed me a path to a new one. You uprooted the ugliness and selfishness in my heart so that the love of God and His kindness could enter once again. I know your broadcasts help others just like me turn away from their sins and follow the Lord. Thank you so much!”

Through shortwave, FM, online broadcasts and the distribution of media devices, we are able to continue to cross the most stubborn of barriers, like remote jungles, deserts, prison cells, cultural and linguistic differences, poverty, illiteracy and censorship.

As the year comes to an end and we enter the festive season, we encourage you to reflect on the impact of radio and media, and the way that it has led millions of people to Christ. There are countless people in desolate places who would have never discovered Jesus Christ, if it had not been for a broadcast they had heard on the radio in their own language. This festive season you can bring the Good News to even more people and ensure that no one remains without the unmatched gift of Salvation.


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