“Before I believed in God my life was full of trouble. I had so many problems,” Mey Yan shared.

Mey Yan is a single mother of two who works as a farmer in Cambodia. For years her life was troubled by her husband’s infidelity and torment of evil spirits.

Deciding to Believe

One day, Mey Yan welcomed some Christians into her home.

“Church members encouraged me and let me listen to the Word of God through the Family FM radio station. I learned that we cannot solve problems ourselves, but that only God can solve them,” she said.

Despite the troubles in her life, Mey Yan decided to believe in God.

“After I put my trust in Him, He did a great thing in my family. He led some of them to accept Jesus Christ. For the first time, we had a source of happiness in our lives. My husband still continued to have affairs with other women, and we had no food and were forced to beg, but I now had my belief in God and I gave all my concerns to Him,” she said.

An Unshakeable Hope

In 2012, after Mey Yan’s husband died in an accident, she was faced with the burden of being the sole provider for her children. Despite this tragic event, she never lost her faith in God.

“I have no worries. I always pray to God. I really don’t feel like I am alone because I am with God. By God’s grace, my children all attended Bible school and are each happily married,” she said.

Hoping in the Word of God

Mey Yan first heard about Family FM, FEBC’s Cambodian radio station, through a neighbor, who suggested it to her because the broadcasts speak of Jesus. Using her son’s cellphone, Mey Yan began listening to the radio program every night.

“Radio has helped me, but what really affected me was the Word of God. By listening, I received hope.”
From FEBC.org

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