“Praise God for the blessings and provision of 54 years for Yaski, and 25 years for Heartline 100.6 FM!” Yaski is FEBA Indonesia’s humanitarian arm – FEBA Indonesia is also known to some as Yaski – and Heartline Radio is its main radio station. In November 2023, FEBA Indonesia celebrated these respective milestones with all its staff and 300 listeners from various churches, schools, and businessmen who have partnered with the radio ministry.

A representative of FEBA Indonesia shares the following: “Yaski’s 54th anniversary theme is ‘Reconnect, Realign, Restart’. This refers to how, after the pandemic, Yaski and Heartline are inviting listeners, partners, and various communities to join hands again and start something new to spread the Good News throughout Indonesia.”

An island nation

With approximately 17,508 islands and more than 277 million people, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago that forms a single state, and the fourth most populous country. It is also the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, with about 87% of people following Islam. Although the government officially upholds religious freedom, Indonesia is among the top 50 countries on Open Doors’ World Watch List of places where Christians suffer persecution.

FEBA among others

According to World Radio Map (worldradiomap.com), there are more than 1,900 radio stations across the Indonesian archipelago. FEBA runs seven stations, but its reach is much wider as a result of Project M.O.R.E. (Mission Outreach Radio Expansion), through which FEBA buys airtime at other radio stations or offers programs for free. Thanks to Project M.O.R.E., FEBA Indonesia is currently partnering with 125 radio stations to share the Good News all over the country!

Moreover, FEBA Indonesia’s Radio Heartline celebrated its 25th birthday by winning several awards in 2023. At the KPID (Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission) Awards Night, Radio Heartline won Best Talkshow and Favourite Broadcaster. Radio Heartline FM Jakarta also received an award from RuangMenulis.Id, a community of writers, for encouraging literacy in Indonesia.

“We believe that literacy is the key to unlocking a world of knowledge,” FEBA Indonesia said upon receiving the award. “Radio Heartline is also committed to being a loyal partner in the nation’s literacy journey. Praise God!”

FEBA Indonesia was given a Tolerance Radio Award for their role in promoting religious tolerance, and they were named among the top five child-friendly radio stations, out of more than 120 other stations. It is perhaps no surprise, then, that PEWARNA (Association of Christian Journalists) chose Radio Heartline as the winner in their Most Influential Christian Radio category.  

FEBA Indonesia continues to work hard for the sake of the Kingdom, so that they might reach more listeners like this one, who says: “After receiving a shortwave radio from you, I began listening to your program regularly. Your messages touched my heart and I decided to follow the Lord.”

Praise God for His provision to FEBA Indonesia, and may He continue to bless their work.

For more information on Ukraine and other FEBA fields,
please visit www.febaradio.co.za.

Until all have heard,
Dr Jurie Vermeulen

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