“They are not afraid at all, since that incident was an eye opener to many that they too can find the truth – only in Jesus alone. It is true that many are following in the footsteps of the girl and are being encouraged by her actions. Many are responding to the programs in the area.”

This was Rev. Amos’ response to our question about why he thinks so many new listener clubs have emerged as a result of the incident that happened in September of last year, where a young girl was persecuted for having accepted Christ.

We received a shocking video in which a young woman was ridiculed and tortured for her decision to convert. In the video, crowds were gathered outside of a building that looked like someone’s home. The crowd was pressing forward, hurling insults, and aggressively pouring water onto the face of a helpless young woman, a former Muslim who had just given her life to Christ.

Since the incident occurred, 20 new listener clubs with between 15 and 35 listeners have emerged. This young woman’s courage and strength inspired other women and men to renounce their former faith and accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

The Matamanda listener club is one of them. One of the members of this club is a former Muslim Sheikh who accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour in response to the incident.

The video stirred up distressing emotions in our hearts and reminded us of why we do what we do and why there is such an urgent need for the gospel to be broadcast to the unreached people groups in Africa and beyond. Jesus never condoned violent behaviour. He was the one to say, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” – John 8:7

This incident has inspired so many people in the village to step out with courage and follow in the young woman’s footsteps. FEBA Malawi played a crucial role in the aftermath, by ensuring that it was dealt with fairly. They immediately reported the incident to the authorities who then issued the perpetrators with a warning of arrest.

Together with your help, we are supporting eight stations in Africa.  In Mozambique: Radio FOT, Hope Radio, Radio Nuru, Radio Chiuanjota and Zambezia FM. In Malawi, Litala FM; in Chad, Radio Shahada; and in Mali, KanuYah FM.

All these stations are producing an enormous harvest of believers. This month Rev. Amos visited the Matamanda listener club in Mangochi. At the gathering the group expressed an abundance of joy and said, “Only if the Way of Life program stops, then we will be concerned.” Many new villagers accepted Christ and joined the club on that day, especially women. Women have a powerful influence on their families and serve as strong pillars of prayer that maintain harmony and peace within the home. How great it is that they are now spirit filled and will begin their journey with the Lord. God uses any situation to draw people towards Him.





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