A deadly earthquake strikes!

The people of Cianjur, Indonesia, were going through their day as normal when a 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck, killing at least 327 people and leaving hundreds injured. Although a common occurrence, the earthquake caused a colossal landslide that damaged and destroyed villages and infrastructure, and it has been reported that four people were found inside the landslides.
Reports suggest that around thirteen people are still unaccounted for in the affected villages.

Emergency response teams were deployed to assist those who are injured. Among the deployed was FEBC Indonesia’s very own First Response Radio (FRR) team, which is a division of YASKI, the head radio station which owns and operates seven other stations. YASKI produces programs in six minority languages, including Javanese, Sasaknese, Minangnese, Buginese, Makassarese, and


When the First Response Team got to the scene, they immediately set up emergency radio stations and distributed about 400 radios to keep those affected on the ground informed about the situation and any progress that is made. The radios also become devices of hope as our FRR team provides hope and comfort to all those enduring this tragic time.

The FRR team regularly updates those who have lost their homes and directs them to partner churches that have opened their doors to the survivors who have nowhere to go.

We are grateful and blessed to have a dedicated FRR team who runs into chaos to assist God’s people in their greatest time of need by inspiring them to keep hoping, keep praying, and keep the faith.

Thank you to FEBC Indonesia and Heartline FM for their service to the communities.

Your donations help us answer the call to action during times of crisis.

Follow the link to donate or to find out how you can get involved:


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