“Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land. For I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” – Genesis 28:15.

Since January, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected 212 countries, with Cambodia being one of the countries affected. Krusa FM (FEBC Cambodia) have continued to boldly communicate the gospel through their broadcasts to the unreached people groups in the country, despite the restrictions on movement. Speaker boxes containing gospel content, teachings, scripture readings and worship music have been been hand-delivered by our staff to those desperate in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

After distributing speaker boxes, the team is always overjoyed when they receive life-changing testimonies from listeners. Like this testimony from listener, Sun La, who moved to another province to escape from the virus;

“I am so worried and bored because of this virus. Myself and my children had to move. I have so much anxiety and stress. Thank you, Jesus, that I have Krusa FM. I am grateful for the ‘Healing Heart’ program that encourages me, gives me strength and helps me to trust in the Lord. Now I bring all my worries to God, rejoice in His Word and trust in His plan.”

During this hard time, Krusa FM produces gospel dramas in order to connect with their listeners. All schools and churches are shut down, leaving people feeling even more isolated and alone. The station broadcasts two services per day and share messages from pastors, doctors and professional people in the community to keep listeners informed.

During this time, Cambodians are watching more television, they make use of social media and listen to the radio. It is a crucial time to reach them with the gospel. Our stations in Cambodia are doing everything they can to meet their listeners’ needs, to build them up in their faith and encourage them to trust in God. They are also working on providing educational programs for students who cannot attend school. Furthermore, they provide help to the needy in the form of aid and encourage listeners to take the necessary health precautions to avoid infection. FEBA Radio South Africa truly appreciates your commitment towards this ministry and because of you more than 150 stations across the world will continue to broadcast the gospel during this deeply distressing time.

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