If God is good, why does evil still exist? Does a Christian have to quit drinking? These are the kinds of questions FEBA Mongolia aims to answer in their Factual Discussion program, which airs every Friday evening on local radio and Facebook Live.

The average broadcast is 50-60 minutes long. The team puts shorter segments of the program on Facebook, along with a 60-second reel. So far, the shorter segments have been viewed by more than 560,000 people, which accounts for about 17% of Mongolia’s population.

The Factual Discussion program is aimed at both believers and non-believers. Mongolian society and culture are heavily influenced by Buddhism, and there are many misperceptions about Christianity. The questions discussed in the program give an indication of the false image people have: Does Christianity plan to destroy world civilisation? Will Mongolia develop if we believe in Christ? Do Christians pretend to have changed? Through clear, concise explanations, FEBA Mongolia strives to set the record straight.
“The Factual Discussion program helps to convey an understanding of the gospel, which is the main goal, and to protect ourselves from defamation in a society dominated by Buddhism,” says a FEBA Mongolia team member.

Believers can also learn to answer questions about their faith. “I attend a Christian church,” a 54-year-old listener told FEBA Mongolia. “However, I realised that until today I had been ignorant of important concepts about the Bible and my faith … God cleared my doubts through this program. I’m able to answer people’s various questions. I regularly suggest it to non-believers.”

When FEBA Mongolia asked their Christian listeners about the problems, they face due to their faith in Christ, 65% of respondents said they experience a constant need to defend their faith. Factual Discussion aims to equip people to accomplish that, while also sharing the gospel. A 30-year-old cell group leader from Ulaanbaatar told the team, “Factual Discussion has helped me answer many difficult questions that others cannot explain.”

The program has been viewed and heard thousands of times across different platforms, with more than 4,000 viewers engaging on Facebook Live, and it has received more than 1,000 comments. When asked for feedback, the majority of listeners said they understood Christianity much better after the program, and learned things that would be useful to them in their life of faith. The team is now working on adapting the program content to make it more accessible to a younger audience.

May FEBA Mongolia’s programs continue to bring clarity to listeners, so that they can find their way in Christ.

To learn more about FEBA, please visit www.febaradio.co.za or contact our office on 012 335 5708.

Until all have heard,
Dr Jurie Vermeulen

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