“My name is Rev. Ofanly Yakob. I started listening to Radio YASKI (FEBC Indonesia) when I was in middle school, during the year of 1996. At the time I drank heavily. But because of God’s help, through YASKI’s radio programs, my faith was strengthened. After I started listening to the programs on a regular basis, I received Christian books from the station. I was able to complete a Bible course and receive a certificate. Once I started to mature spiritually, I decided to enrol in a Bible College. After graduating I moved to Tangerang, where I have been serving faithfully as a Christian teacher for many years.”

Rev. Ofanly communicated with the Radio YASKI broadcasters every week, after he had been saved. He sent the station so many letters that he was named the listener who sends the most letters. The continuous exchange between Rev. Ofanly and the station led to increasing blessings, and solidified his faith which caused him to pursue full-time ministry. Our team connected him with a church and provided him with the necessary guidance he needed for further education. Many other Indonesians and others across the world, like Rev. Ofanly, are entering full-time ministry because of a seed that our broadcasts planted in their hearts. Our stations strive to provide listeners with the resources and knowledge they need to prosper in every area of their lives.

Indonesia is made up of 13,000 islands and is home to the largest Muslim population in the world. Our stations currently reach millions of people in major cities, but there are countless people living in rural areas that have not yet heard the gospel.

FEBC Indonesia is currently in partnership with 85 existing stations owned by churches or Christian businessmen across the country. Previously, most of these stations had little Christian content, but are now eager to broadcast FEBC’s gospel programs to their audiences. Through these partnerships, FEBC can reach over 500,000 people who live on distant islands and in rainforests. Our broadcasts broaden the impact in areas where missionaries, or pastors struggle to reach, and where the Good News is forbidden from being communicated directly.


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