No meaningful answers could be offered when COVID-19 struck Russia in 2020. Atheism that dominates a large portion of the populations’ ideals, provided no hope for the people who had lost their sense of personal safety and security amidst the economic and health crises.

At the height of the crisis large numbers of Russians began tuning their radios to faith-based programs. Many of them contacted FEBC Russia for the first time eager to connect with a friendly voice and to know more about God. Russia’s broadcasters offered counselling and guidance to those who needed it and as a result many turned to Christ.

The people on the frontlines have been weighed down the most by the tragedy and death they witness around them every day. FEBC has shed a great light of hope during these perilous times like in this story where a seed of hope was planted in the heart of an ER doctor, that helped her turn to God.

The broadcasts were her only source of hope during the long months of treating countless COVID-19 patients;

“I can’t tell you how helpful your broadcasts have been for me personally, as well as the ambulance crew. We listen to your programs daily, and every time we are encouraged, blessed and uplifted. None of us were religious before; not actually atheists, but never really paying attention to God. We now know that God cares for us and is a part of our lives. I pray to Jesus every day. And I know those on our medical team are very, very blessed by your programs.”

Russia’s listener audience, comprises of a vast spectrum ranging from the non-believer who has a casual interest, to spiritual seekers who are moving closer to Jesus, to committed Christian believers who want to grow in God’s Word. To engage listeners wherever they are on their journey, a wide variety of topical and Bible-based programming is needed.

During the pandemic, the popularity of overt Bible-teaching programs has increased. Millions of listeners have a need for spiritual truth and are realizing the Bible is relevant in ways they never imagined. As people open themselves up to God’s Word, lives are being transformed.

A broadcaster from FEBC Moscow, Pastor Andrey, says, “My program is simple; I share what the Bible says about our lives today and then answer listener questions. It is amazing to see how the Word of God is changing and healing the hearts of listeners. I have seen God save dozens of lives through our broadcasts. Thank you for helping us bring the Living Word to millions.”

One of FEBC’s core values is to be closer to the listener. Over the coming months, a new series of short multi-media messages will be shared to help non-Christians explore God’s Word and connect them with local churches, where pastors are ready to disciple new believers.

FEBC Russia will be taking this strategy to the next level, as broadcasters take simple mobile studios to city streets, cafes, buses, and people’s homes. This is both unusual and gets people’s attention–especially young people who value authenticity. This is exactly how our stations in Africa are introducing the gospel to entire villages, and thousands are being saved in this way. It is through innovation that we are reaching millions across the world, and connecting them to God.

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