“I make use of the mobile device and watch the many wonderful Bible programs with my college group. Everybody loves it. This is what we use to study the Bible in our group. The graphics make the lessons interesting and easy to follow. I pause the video in between points for group discussion and everyone is always very engaged. We have a few non-Christians attending our group meetings and they often ask a lot of questions about the Bible. I am able to answer their questions and the videos are very helpful. We will continue to use these video lessons in our meetings.”

FEBC’s dynamic worldwide media ministry is continuously evolving and reaching the lost in incredible ways. So many people’s lives are being touched by God through our ministry as we introduce the unreached world to their eternal Lord and Saviour.

FEBC was initially born from a vision to broadcast the gospel to the people of Asia after World War II. Today, with the use of various advanced technologies at our disposal, we are able to go much further and are reaching isolated, persecuted, remote and prohibited areas across the globe.

Last month, our National Director, Dr Jurie Vermeulen, visited FEBC’s ministries in Vietnam and Thailand. He was especially astounded by the staff and volunteers’ commitment to the gospel. He saw that they are willing to endure severe persecution and intimidation in order to ensure that the people receive the Good News.

Vietnam is one of the last remaining communist countries in the world. Although their constitution officially permits freedom of religion the government has imposed legislation which prohibits several religious practices. All religious establishments are heavily monitored and people who attend church services are questioned about their every move. Churches receive regular visits from the authorities and are questioned about everything – from small details about services to matters of doctrine. The most innocent practices are viewed with suspicion. This is the climate in which Christians in Vietnam are forced to live.

During his visit, Dr Vermeulen made a very interesting discovery. Though FEBC does broadcast via shortwave into Vietnam, they are prohibited from operating a radio station in the country. For this reason, they have had to develop a new technological medium that allows them to spread the gospel in the restricted environment. Young programmers have found a way to use mobile devices to distribute the gospel material, worship songs, Bible stories and lessons without external interference. In this way, thousands of Vietnamese people are coming to Christ.

Throughout history our ministry has embraced ingenuity and innovation, which will allow us to reach people from the four corners of the earth, for generations to come. If you are reading this, we know that you are equally committed to seeing God’s Word shared among the nations, so that every man, woman and child can hear that they too are loved by God.

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