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Discovering God in Kyrgyzstan

Discovering God in Kyrgyzstan Discovering God in a predominantly Islamic country is no easy journey. In a world where hearts have grown cold, it’s easy to lose hope and sight of anything good. FEBC Kyrgyzstan is changing that for many people and restoring their hope. Families are being restored, and people are giving their hearts

Are you also a missionary?

Earlier this year, I started highlighting the theme of serviceability, pointing out that there are many ways Christians can be subservient to God. I also focused a little on the serviceability of the woman with the alabaster flask from the Bible.  This month, I put the spotlight on missionaries and missionary activities. "Apostolos" is the

Perseverance in persecution

"Our religious leaders have frightened us a lot and told us that if we miss our prayer, we will be thrown into Hell. While listening to your broadcasts, I have noticed that you are presenting God, as a God of love, mercy, and forgiveness. You are sharing that, having faith in Jesus and doing right

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